Cindy Salemi

Cindy Salemi

Cindy Salemi (Healer) currently lives in Manorville, NY with her partner Jim.

Author of Just Be and Other Things I Have Learned

Cindy is the author of the book, “Just Be and Other Things I Have Learned”.

This book will take the reader on a journey. It may lead you to question belief systems, and in doing so, maybe it will start to awaken a whole new world of endless possibilities. When you finish the last page, you will surely understand the power is within you. It always has been.

The Power is Within You

Available in Kindle and Paperback

Reconnection Healer

Cindy is also a Reconnection Healer trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Reconnection is a rather new frequency that we now have access to. In essence it allows us to connect with the light and spirit of who and what we truly are, to remember. This spectrum of healing has its own intelligence and that intelligence determines what is for the highest good for the person being healed. A healing will occur on some level, physical, spiritual, mental, or emotionally.

Founder of the Center for Intuitive Arts

Cindy is the founder of the Center for Intuitive Arts. She is also a spiritual teacher at the center. Her class is called Soul Balancing. In class we talk about concepts you have to Master as you move into this very new time in history. These Classes are meant to help you see other options and different perspectives.

Spiritual Teacher

Cindy is also available for private spiritual sessions. For more information please feel free to contact her at 631-492-0242 or momuch212@aol.com