Class with Enza

Class with Enza

We will begin each class with a meditation that focuses on grounding and centering yourself. This is something that can sound overwhelming for those who have never meditated before, have ADHD/ADD, or difficulty focusing. As someone who understands those challenges, I will help guide you through these meditations and into relaxation.

Topics of conversation will range from changing habits that no longer serve you, to surrendering to different challenges. Bring your own journal or notebook to organize your thoughts and to take home any information that you might find helpful from class. We will also do different exercises so you can know yourself within spirt, and also to find balance within chaos. These exercises might include automatic writing, my own ‘book method’, oracle cards, or different methods of healing and releasing. You are free when you are fearless. Show yourself some compassion and self care by changing your perception on things that feel negative.

Spirit will help me steer you in the right direction until you can find your own way.

Enza Duvert

As a transmitter of God’s Love, I found that my soul’s purpose is to help people discover all the components of Love. I work with people to show them that their perceived “flaws” are really positive aspects of their soul. Growing up as a first generation Italian Catholic, I had to break through a lot of stereotypes of fear in the Great Mystery. As a child, I always had a sense of knowing things, but I couldn’t explain it. I now know this to be clairvoyance. Over time, I found myself communicating with God, the Archangels, and the spirits of those who have passed on from this life, which is how I operate as a medium.

When I do God’s work, I connect with the emotions of others, bringing my empathic nature everywhere I go. This has helped me with my husband and two children. As a mom, I learned to connect to my children empathically and intuitively, to help them function with ADHD. Working with ADHD is one of my souls callings purpose. I help others organize their lives and to find life hacks that are personalized, just for you, in a class, or one on one setting.

I also receive messages through Angels, both verbal and visual, when doing readings. My empathic nature and humanistic side are a part of the readings. These sides of me get to know and connect with the humanistic sides of others. While my soul gets to help the humanistic parts of others, whether it be through advice, healing or simply listening.

We are all Love, God’s children, and The Universe. We are the Eternal Student, and I am here to remind you of that.