Sacred Soul to Soul Readings by Jo Anne

Sacred Soul to Soul Readings by Jo Anne

Sacred Soul to Soul Readings by Jo Anne

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During your reading, Jo Anne will connect with your loved ones, your higher self (your Soul), and the Divine Realm of Infinite Wisdom, and your Akashic Records, to deliver healing and inspiring messages regarding your past, present and future, and the part your karmic relationships play in your life’s purpose.

By understanding the Karmic Events you’ve experienced, and what purpose they serve you, these healing messages will help you along your journey to a life of love and joy. Within every obstacle you have encountered, is a valuable lesson which launches you onward, towards manifesting all the wonderful things you want in life!

The same obstacles are often presented again and again until you find the gift within them. Jo Anne will help you unlock the secrets to understand your Soul Contracts, and Life Purpose, to which you agreed before setting out on your Life’s Journey.

True healing happens directly at the Soul level. Your messages are of the highest vibration, for the purpose of bringing peace and healing to you, and are lovingly guided by Spirit and Infinite Intelligence, who know what you most need to hear in this moment.

Jo Anne

Sacred Soul to Soul Readings by Jo AnneJo Anne is a psychic-medium intuitive empath who connects with the Highest Realms of Universal Energy to provide Intuitive Sacred Soul Readings. At times she may use Angel cards if she feels this would provide the most benefit to the sitter

Jo Anne is also a Law of Attraction teacher and coach. You may email her at