Teachers at the Center for Intuitive Arts

Jessica Rudin

Jessica Rudin Jessica Rudin - Certified Psychic Medium, Energy Healer & Spiritual Educator Jessica is a certified Psychic Medium, Energy Healer & Spiritual Educator who has a passion for helping people. Her B. A. in Education and M. A. in Urban Affairs give her the diverse outlook needed to help people from various walks of [...]

Enza Duvert

Enza Duvert Enza Duvert As a transmitter of God's Love, I found that my soul’s purpose is to help people discover all the components of Love. I work with people to show them that their perceived "flaws" are really positive aspects of their soul. Growing up as a first generation Italian Catholic, I had to [...]

Dawn Wickline

Dawn Wickline As a registered nurse with 25 plus years of experience, I found that while caring for my patients, the mind/body connection was extremely powerful. I found that my patients who meditated and were given the tools to work with their mind, were more successful at recovering from whatever their issue was. I was [...]

River Soul

River Soull Life is a journey and the more we tune into the details of life, the more we are able to open up to our higher selves by accessing our natural intuition and healing capabilities. In this class you will be guided through a meditation. In meditation you will balance the chakras and connect [...]

Andrew Tang

Andrew QHHT is your direct line of communication with your Higher-Self Andrew Tang "an explorer of human consciousness, Founder of the Open Hearts Institute, QHHT Practitioner, Awakened Mind Trainer, and Sacred Light Therapy Practitioner who helps individuals reclaim the healer within themselves."   Explorer of Human Consciousness Andrew regularly attends classes and workshops to learn [...]

Lisa Marie Robles

Lisa Marie Robles My name is Lisa Marie and I am an intuitive healer and doTERRA essential oils wellness advocate. The modalities I am certified in are reiki, IET, Pranic healing, aromatouch technique, and reflexology. All of my healings include an intuitive reading and wellness scan. Exchange price varies by location anywhere from $55-$88 a session. Contact information: Phone: 646 508 2109 Email: pinkcarnationhealer@gmail.com doTERRA website: [...]

Joanne C.

Joanne C Reiki Master Teacher Joanne is a Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive who believes that everyone has spiritual gifts. It is this belief that has lead her to where she is today. Having explored and developed many different healing and metaphysical modalities, Reiki being the most purposeful and loving one, she blends together all [...]


Chickie Chickie is an Psychic/medium and Intuitive Life Coach. She utilizes both Mediumship and Tarot Cards during her readings allowing her to tap into a clients’ energy field and enhance the information even more. She has seen and felt spirit around since childhood. In addition to being a medium, she is also an empath, feeling [...]

Jacob Cooper

Jason Cooper   About Jacob Cooper: Since a young age, Jacob has been in touch with the spirit realm. In sharing his experience and message to others, he brings lightness towards death, and helps others re-remember their spiritual truths. Jacob Publicly presents and educates others on his own Near-Death Experience (NDE), Out of Body Experience [...]


Taiz Taiz is a: Light Worker Certified Reiki Master Teacher Intuitive Healer at MoonGlow Healing In Person Healing Distance Healing Guided Meditation both Individual and Group Workshops Offered : Vision Board Crystal and Essential Oil Infused Sprays, Crystal and Essential Oil Infused Intention Setting Candle making Contact Information: FB: MoonGlow Healing IG: moonglowhealing MoonglowHealing@aol.com 917.406.6842

Lotus Lisa

Lotus Lisa Spiritual teacher Meditation classes Yoga instructor Reiki healer Contact Lisa at  lotuslisa123@gmail.com Phone: 516-660-8930 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LotusLisaSpiritualTeacherYogaReiki

Diane Wilshere

Diane Wilshere Diane Wilshere is a Certified Intuitive Master Coach, Medium, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, and Animal Communicator.  She is able to see, hear and feel Spirit which enables her to bring understanding, peace, love and healing to all her students and clients.  Diane’s teaching style is Simple, Authentic & Empowering!!  Her mission is to [...]

Jo Anne

Jo Anne Jo Anne is a psychic-medium intuitive empath who connects with the Highest Realms of Universal Energy to provide Intuitive Sacred Soul Readings. At times she may use Angel cards if she feels this would provide the most benefit to the sitter. Jo Anne is also a Law of Attraction teacher and coach. You [...]

Linda Viviano

Linda Viviano Please like and follow Linda’s Facebook page "On Angels’ Wings by Linda Viviano, Intuitive," for class schedule and details.  

Sarah Curly

Sarah Curly Sarah Curley is Master Social Worker, spiritual teacher, healer, intuitive artist and a trance channel for The Divine Feminine Energy, Light of Ah-Mana, and the Christ Consciousness- Yeshua. Sarah is able to use both her education and spiritual gifts to help others heal themselves and connect to their energetic truth facilitating both group [...]

Cindy Salemi

Cindy Salemi Cindy Salemi (Healer) currently lives in Manorville, NY with her partner Jim. Author of Just Be and Other Things I Have Learned Cindy is the author of the book, "Just Be and Other Things I Have Learned". This book will take the reader on a journey. It may lead you to question belief [...]

Jason Beriloff

Jason Beriloff I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits and angels. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the spirit world, the energy of the living soul, and love [...]